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Road Trip! #SutherlandOrBust #NorthernCape

My friends Nqobani and her mom Mpho invited me to a weekend excursion in Sutherland, to go ✨stargazing. 3 hours outside of Cape Town we drove.

Stopped over at Maitjiesfontein

Lots of small, family owned motels and B&Bs.

Deep in the Karoo. Sheep country. (Black heads, white bodies) . Quirky little town. Population 3000 and something. Frontier town. Strictly for stopover. Derelict. Lots of bikers stop here.

Racially segregated. Still. No economic activity in the Black/Brown side of the town. We drove through there and asked. Nothing. “Come back at the of the month when there’s pensions. Then you’ll see.”

Lots of home industries. Bought jams and chutney and lamb (a whole one) and gloves and stuff.

Everybody sells something to the tourists, who stick out like sore thumbs. If you’re Black, you stick out extra. Not in a bad way. Enough for the locals to say “chini” and “kaloku” when u walk by.

6 Very good restaurants. Reservations HIGHLY encouraged and pretty much mandatory in the really good establishments.

Beautiful weather. Hence the SALT (Southern African Largest Telescope) being locates here. Underdeveloped, sparsely populated. Lots of liquor stores. Two churches.

Home of the 3rd largest telescope in the world.

Stargazing with Jungen at night is a must. He is about 70 years old and well weathered. A former banker who now helps astronomy to be accessible to people like you or me. He has an audience of about 40 people transfixed. Then we walked to the telescopes. Some dodgy pix attached of the moon.

The tour of the actual SALT facility is disappointing. Very underfunded and therefore underdeveloped. I was not impress by the underwhelming presentations.

Stay in the BnB over the m(hotels). Being warm clothes. Make sure the beds have electric blankets. It does have the notorious distinction of being the coldest place in South Africa.


But beautiful. And worth a stop over.

Le Looks Amsterdam

My friend Genevieve took me to this delightful spot in A’Dam for Sea Food. I wanna go back.

Excellent menu selection. Brilliant food and cosy vibe. We ❤️!

started with the oysters to whet my palate. Mains was not far behind.

The lobster was succulent, super fresh, and beautifully seasoned.

The owner on the left and the ✨talented chef on the right. Totally forgot their names. 🙈

A Letter to Myself

Workshop 55

The Origin of Coffee

There are A LOT of coffee shops in Cape Town, but if you really love your java, “Origin” in Waterkant (right next to Bo Kaap) is head and shoulders above the rest. 

The coffee is roasted on site, which means you can smell it from before you even walk through the door. The ambiance is relaxed and welcoming enough that you can easily spend a few hours in the place. 

The menu is diverse and some breakfast items are available all day, my favorite marker for any restaurant as I absolutely love my breakfast. 

I had the Banting Eggs Benedict, which comes with asparagus and Parmesan shavings. Yummmy. Washed it all down with a Vietnamese Iced Coffee which was to die for with its perfect mix of coffee and just enough sweetness to make it the perfect summer drink. 

Definitely one of my favorite spots in Cape Town. 

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